Who's Behind Civetta

Hello! Gina Fischbach here. I’m the happy founder of Civetta Design. I've worked in the electric utility distribution design and project management industry for over 28 years and now offer my services to teams and individuals who are in the early days of their distribution careers.

I recently left my 19-year career at San Diego Gas & Electric to share my knowledge with the SDG&E contract design community.  My mission is to consult, coach and teach bright, new designers how to navigate SDG&E's contract design program, get organized, create quality designs & construction packages, meet schedules, earn respect and be awesome.


Gina Fischbach

Coaching, consulting, distribution design, project management, operations management, designer and design team development, leadership & budget management, you name it - when it comes to electric distribution and design teams, she knows a ton.


January '19 - Civetta Design LLC. - Owner, Principal, Electric Distribution Consultant, Coach

Jan '16 - 'Jan 19 - SDG&E - Distribution Planning Project Manager II

Jan '08 - Dec '15 - SDG&E - Distribution Planning Design Team Supervisor

Jan '05 - Dec '07 - SDG&E - Distribution Planning Senior Project Planner

Jan '00 - Dec '04 - SDG&E - Distribution Planning Project Planner

Oct '92 - Dec '99 - Utility Specialists, Inc. & Polaris Group - Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Distribution Contract & Applicant Designer



The Ultimate Overhead Design Compatible Unit Guide – For SDG&E Overhead Distribution Projects in FTZ

Our Approach


Gina's ultimate mission for Civetta is to help develop top quality electric distribution designers and design teams by providing clarity on how to navigate SDG&E's contract design program & processes and offering comprehensive mentoring programs.

Civetta offers the highest quality 1x1 and small group coaching and development program available in San Diego. Since you can't learn this skill-set in any school, why not learn from someone with over 27 years of experience?

Designers will learn how to:
  • Provide a top-quality product
  • Feel confident with every project turned in for review
  • Understand the ins and outs of getting a project through the process with less frustration and on schedule.
  • Earn a stellar reputation and earn more money.

Your clients will be proud and happy to work with you.

If you or your company already provides distribution design for SDG&E or you want to get in the game, Gina wants to help. She can definitely help.

Today, the San Diego electric utility design workforce is mostly made up of contractors. And, there is a very small pool of qualified contract designers and an even smaller pool of experts to train anyone new.

Civetta Design is your expert.

Our Story